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Join the age of smart companies

With Pukka, information sharing is accessible to all employees, for smarter and more productive companies.

L'oréal Mazars Enedis
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Information sharing is a key challenge

Facilitate interactions between employees and business departments..
information sharing pukka

Business departments

Rely on the employee network to get field information, which is used to improve the company productivity.

Pukka for business departments
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Seamlessly share useful information with the relevant departments, and thereby play an active role in the company’s life.

Pukka for employees

The multi-channel communication solution

Your employees can share information with Pukka either by using our mobile application, or connecting an existing communication tool to our system. Our API also allows you to integrate Pukka features in your company applications.

Workplace integration
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Pukka benefits


Strengthen your company

Join the age of the learning company: adapt to challenges, make the most of your human capital, and foster collective intelligence at work.


Reduce costs

Fewer business trips, minimised risks, improved productivity, reduced third-party consultancy, all thanks to your employees.


Break down information silos

Enable employees to reach the adequate contact person with no prior introduction, thereby fostering cooperation and company-wide information sharing.


Increase employee engagement

Give the floor to employees, make them feel involved and useful, thereby boosting their commitment to company life.

They already trust us

Mathilde Le Coz

Pukka helps us to strengthen the relationship with our employees throughout France, while communicating their news to the broadest audience.

Mathilde Le Coz HR Innovation Director
Nicolas Farin

A must-try! There are many Employee Advocacy platforms on the market, but only very few solutions for Communications Departments to put employees at the heart of content creation.

Nicolas Farin Business Development Manager France

Use cases


Are you looking to strengthen your company's internal and external communication?

Pukka enables employees to share content (photos, videos, texts, geolocalization) with communication teams and effectively promote business activities, milestones, and events.


Do you want to capitalise on your employee's knowledge?

Pukka fosters the development of your teams' skills through the sharing of employee expertise and learning of best practices via their day-to-day contributions.


Would you like to improve your company's day-to-day operations?

Pukka provides a direct and easy channel to send useful information (strategic monitoring, quality, safety, facilities…) to the relevant teams, to improve employees’ lives and make the company more competitive and safer for all.